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Session 5: On the Triboar Trail

General Summary

The goblin pleaded for mercy from the party; he said his name was Droop, and he would polish their armor and weapons if they wouldn't hurt him. When the party asked about Cragmaw Castle, Droop said he knew the way to get there. With the hideout under Tresendar Manor now cleared, the party returned to town to collect their reward.   The party entered the Townmaster Hall and found Harbin at his desk; Harbin proceeded to have a minor panic attack at the sight of a goblin in his hall. After taking the goblin to the jail (where he would await their return) and calming Harbin down, they collected the rest of their promised gold. The party then visited the Phandalin Miner's Exchange to do moneychanging and purchase some maps of the area, and had several of the valuables they had collected thus far appraised and sold.   On the way out of town, the party stopped at the Lionshield Coster and spoke to Linene, who was grateful that the party had driven away the Redbrands, although a little chafed that her shipment was still languishing in the hands of the goblins in Cragmaw Hideout. She did, however, agree to a small discount on new armor. At this point, Sildar took his leave, saying that he wished to remain in Phandalin for the time being to help the townsfolk recover, and see if he could knock any sense into the Townmaster. Finally, on the northern road leading out of Phandalin, the party met a very broad man named Jonas, a traveling merchant of magic items and delicious kebabs. Chief among their purchases was a bag of holding (which came, like all of Jonas's purchases, with a free kebab).   The party left Phandalin, traveling north to meet the Triboar Trail, then turning east and heading towards the town of Conyberry. A day of travel brought them to the ruined town, where they camped for the night and then ventured up a disused trail towards Agatha's home--a dome of sorts made of woven branches, deep in the forest. As they entered the home, Agatha appeared to them. The spirit initially treated them disdainfully, but softened when she was presented with the elegant comb and laudatory words from Malcolm. She deigned to answer one question for the party; they asked her what language Bowgentle's spellbook was written in. Agatha responded that it was written in Primordial: the language of the gods, but transliterated into Draconic. She also revealed that the book was a fake or a copy--it did not hold magic as it ought. With the question answered, Agatha vanished.   The party's next destination was the town of Thundertree, where they wished to meet with the druid Reidoth. Led by Marcus, the ranger, the party bushwhacked their way through the Neverwinter Wood along the foothills of the Sword Mountains. With another day of travel, the party reached the lower foothills of Mount Hotenow, and a few hours later, wet with rain, they entered Thundertree. The town was home to many ruined buildings, but they began their search in the ones that looked the most intact.   When they knocked on the door of the very first building, a white-haired man dressed in black robes with intricate pauldrons answered. He introduced himself as Favric, a member of Dirskan Vadoh (in Draconic, the Cult of the Dragon). Favric revealed that the Cult of the Dragon had learned that a green dragon was present in Thundertree, living in the tower on the hill, and that they had been watching it for some time to gauge its demeanor and needs before going to treat with it, hoping to gain its alliance. However, they had been stymied by the presence of undead in the village, which were preventing them from getting any closer to the dragon. Favric suggested that the party might help them in some way, but the party declined, more concerned with finding the druid.   Alerted now to the presence of a large, green, unwanted guest living in the tower on the hill, the party moved carefully and quietly across the town, where they found the druid Reidoth. The man was warm and friendly, inviting them into his home and discussing the goings-on in Thundertree. He quickly pointed the way to Cragmaw Castle on their map, and shared his surprise that they had not had a more difficult time moving through the village: Blights--animated, malevolent plants--were running rampant, the undead were still milling about, he had spotted giant spiders at the base of the hill, and the dragon and cultists just served to complicate things even more.   The party then asked Reidoth if he knew where Wave Echo Cave was, and he said that he did, but he needed their help to restore the balance of nature in Thundertree before he would tell them. After much deliberation, the party agreed to begin helping him, by venturing out of the house in short sorties, clearing areas, and then retreating to rest. In this way, the party cleared the southern portion of the town, during which they encountered a nasty swarm of twig blights. The party also found Mirna's herb and potion shop and recovered the necklace she had said was there, before returning to the druid's residence to rest.

Missions/Quests Completed

The Banshee's Bargain: The party successfully persuaded Agatha to reveal the nature of Bowgentle's spellbook.   Reidoth the Druid: The party made the journey to Thundertree and met Reidoth the druid.   Mirna's Heirloom: The party found Mirna's ornate gold and emerald necklace in the ruins of Thundertree.

Lost Mine of Phandelver
Report Date
10 Feb 2019
Primary Location
Neverwinter Wood
Secondary Location

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