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Session -1: House of the Midnight Violet

General Summary

After running into and dispatching a group of orcs on the road, the party entered the town of Wendholme. There, they visited Savier's Tranquil Inn, where they learned that Savier, the half-elf proprietor, needed a rare flower for his potions and teas called the Midnight Violet, which grew only on an isolated island nearby.   The party rented a boat and reached the island, where they found an abandoned manor belonging to the Avrigard family. Here, the party discovered the story of the Avrigards, how their son Herbert unintentionally summoned a powerful demon named Mr. Tim Tom, how the parents Rolen and Adrianna had had to kill their son to seal the demon away, and how the resulting madness had taken the lives of both the parents. While exploring the manor, the party encountered a swarm of demented, animated porcelain dolls, and also the ghost of Adrianna Avrigard, to whom they brought the bones of Rolen and allowed her to pass on. In the basement, the party released Mr. Tim Tom from his prison, fought him, and defeated him, allowing Herbert Avrigard to rest peacefully.   In the courtyard of the manor, the party found a greenhouse containing the Midnight Violets. Rather than make their way through the house, they climbed up to the roof and descended into the courtyard. An attack by a swarm of feral cats was countered by a well-placed use of Thaumaturgy, which, while it did scare off the cats, had the side effect of gathering the attention of several ghouls in the kitchen of the house. The party quickly grabbed as many Midnight Violets as they could and escaped the island, wondering what had become of Elloise Avrigard, the last member of the family.

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Adrianna's Last Request: The party brought the bones of Rolen Avrigard back to the master bedroom, laying them next to those of his wife Adrianna and allowing her ghost to pass on.
  • Hello Mr. Tim Tom, How Are You Today?: The party defeated Mr. Tim Tom, preventing him from doing any more evil on the Material Plane.

Lost Mine of Phandelver
Report Date
24 Jan 2019
Primary Location

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