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In the distance, graceful spires glitter with the waters behind them as they catch the light of the dawn. New strength rushes into the pilgrims, invigorated by the sight of their destination. Soon, they will reach Menagion and walk the path of the gods.
  The capital of Tolarth, Menagion stands as the religious and cultural heart of the nation. Rumored to be the place where the human gods first reached into the world, it is a holy city for many.   Menagion's most striking features are its cathedrals and temples, the tallest of which are visible for miles away in the surrounding plains. The city is home to no fewer than seven enormous cathedrals, each standing as the center of worship for one of the gods of the High Pantheon. There are also countless temples and smaller shrines scattered throughout the city, attended day and night by fervent believers.


Racial breakdown: 75% human, 15% half/elf, 5% dwarf, some halflings and gnomes   Occupational breakdown: 30% religious (priests, clerics, acolytes, etc. 25% traders; 20% service (hostel- and innkeepers 10%


A committee of the Council of Ordicea, which rules Tolarth, oversees life in Menagion.

Alternative Name(s)
The City of Temples, The City of the Gods

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