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The standard Humans of Imarith may seem, on the surface, to be the least extraordinary species, but these are just presumptions made by the ignorant.  Humans, while physically outclassed by many of the other intelligent species, have many unique skills that set them apart.  Thought of as brash, bull headed, impulsive, and passionate to a fault, humans rarely are satisfied with the status quo.    Their strangely short lives often make them act in nonsensical and unpredictable ways in an attempt to leave their mark in this eternal world.  Humans are capable of many great and terrible things. As far as military strategy, no better species exists. They are natural born fighters and killers and to outsiders such as the Elves, appear to be brutal savages who kill their own for selfish gain.  But humans are capable of so much more. Even though thought of as a violent brutish species Humans have an innate ability to form an emotional bond with even the most unlikable creatures, even keeping them as pets.    Humans also have an ingenious knack when it comes to language. Leave a human in  a group of different species and soon as you realize, they are speaking a language they had never heard before.  Humans also have a unique biology, allowing them to cross breed with species not even remotely related, such as elves and orcs.  They are also known for having the uncanny ability to defy fate, changing it and bending it through sheer force of will. As the Dwarves say "They make their own luck."


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