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Humans and Humanoids

The Humans and their close related cousins are an amazing group indeed. Though short lived, these folk have the aptitude to promote great change within their lifetimes.      Humans are unique in Imarith in that their fates have yet to be written.    According to the Ammolisian people of Auster when the gods gave life to all Imarith, Qhelo God of Glory and Civilization made the Humanoids in his own image and gave them eternal bodies.      It is said Rhela Goddess of the Wilds and Change grew so jealous of humanoids that she created something so terrible it has haunted the land of Imarith ever since -- death.      Though death would end up taking all life in the end, Rhela directed death to hunt humanoids especially, leading them to have the shortest life spans in all the world. Vitna Goddess of Mercy and Justice and daughter of Qhelo felt badly for the humans who now lived such short lives that they could not impose any change in Imarith.      To protect the humanoids from their now cursed fates, Vitna went to death's "Tome of the Forsaken" and tore out the pages of all the humans who would ever live, making it difficult for death to find them, allowing them live peaceful lives in the meantime.     As a side effect, the Humanoids lost their fates. Whenever anyone tries to divine the future of a humanoid all they will see is fog and darkness.     Humans are now believed to have the ability to forge their own fates and reshape the fates of those around them.       Whether through hard work, or divine intervention, the humans are one of the most unique races in Imarith indeed.

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