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The Goliath of Imarith are indigenous to the Imanus mountain chain of Aefor. A nomadic people they travel from peak to peak hunting and  battling the elements.    Relatively recluse, they live at altitudes well above any other species in Imarith.   Fiercely competitive they will make a competition of any task.      Dishonoring the clan or being seen as weak is reason enough for many tribes to cast out their own. Not even the children of Goliath's are safe from the constant struggle.   A Goliath has such little chance of growing old the tribe does not even give a name to any Goliath child under the age of 10. Their low birth rate combined with such a low life expectancy means that there are only a handful of known Goliath clans with more than two dozen members.    Though their numbers dwindle the Goliath are well revered as some of the fiercest warriors in all the realms.


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