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The Elves, the most infamous races in Imarith. They are the only known race to not be native to the world of Imarith at all.    The Elves, or in their tongue "Alfr" meaning "Chosen" first appeared in Imarith around 2100 years ago during "The Conquest of Irhancar" in which the Elven leader Irhancar attempted to lead a crusade to conquer Imarith for his followers to protect them from their doomed world. This conquest prompted the formation of the Empire and birth of the first Dragon Emperor "Adrier, the United".       Upon the defeat of Irhancar the Alfr were left without a way to return to their home world. With no land to call their own they turned to the only places they could seek refuge, the caves and forests of Imarith.    An intensely proud folk, they will never admit defeat. Even 2100 years later many groups still cry faith to Irhancar , who has since ascended to a form of martyred godhood.   Some groups live in constant shame, determined to right the wrongs of their predecessors, yet still, many groups will not accept the assistance The Empire  has offered seeing it as a sign of weakness, determined to carve their own home in the world.  Most Elves are extremely territorial, holding on to what little they have earned fiercely and willing to fight to the death to protect the nature that have adapted to live in.    Elves also have an abnormally long lifespan. To an Elf dying before their 2000th birthday would be a tragedy, with most specimens living till well over 2500 years.     "Elf" is a false cognate, coined by the human playwright Vilnus in "Madness in the Wind", a story about an Alfr named Elf Marik who burned down an entire forest to prevent an invading army from taking his village. The term is generally used pejoratively, as a way to evoke the image of madness or foolishness, although some of the more assimilated groups have taken to wearing it as a badge of honor.

Genetic Descendants

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