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Hound of Magdu

After absorbing numerous shards of Magdu in herself, she grew in power and became the champion of Magdu. Folk-tail and bard song tell of her wielding an ancient dragon blade, which has corrupted to the will of Xuno.   Now She scourges the lands in a conquest to rule over all of the mortal races. And bring on the next resurrection of Magdu and instate his as the supreme god of Imarand.   The Sha traveled from place to place for many years, and the entire clan raises its younglings. Until the day they had their rites of passing, they met a stranger. These are the rites all the Sha of their clan had done before the eighteen birthdays. Only this time, it didn't go the way they said it would go. Xuno, tasked with protecting her sister, was attacked by a pack of wild wolves. During that attack, she was mortally wounded. Her sister, in desperation, prayed to Enialis (a foreign god) to save Xuno. Zihra, the avatar of Enialis, appeared to them. Zihra promised thems safety, but there would be a price that could easily be both be a curse or a blessing.   They both agreed but never knew to what price. Soon after, when they were in Meg Mell with their clan, they lost them all. Nobody had seen the clan or where they had gone. It was like they disappeared from both worlds.   Both Xuno and her sister had discovered strange powers over the years. The druid could make flowerbeds of the most exotic flowers in a blink of an eye while Xuno could sap the life out of a plant with great ease. Many priests they have visited say they both hold a curse and blessing of Enialis. But the price they have paid was the loss of their clan. While the druid seems to have accepted it, Xuno appears to be bitter about it.   For many years she reluctantly became bound to be the champion of Magdu while she and her sister searched the lands for their lost clan.

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Cover image: World Anvil Banner - Imarand: The Twin Worlds by Martijn Donker


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