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The Blooded Tyrant

King Turam ruled over the Fjortir islands and the seas for decades without anyone daring to oppose this claim, thinking himself as a god among mortals. To his people, he was fair and just as their king, by as the years went by Turam began to fear his mortality, he lashed out in anger towards his people, truing him into a tyrant who in his twilight years ruled with an iron fist.   Foreign people were practicing dark art were often seen in the royal palace, instructing the king on how to prolong his life. Not long after that, the sacrificing began. First, only one life sacrificed. The next year, it was 2, then 4, 8, 16, after the king ordered over 200 people to be slaughtered the people rebelled and took the life of their king.   On his dying lips, he cursed the lands and rose an undead tyrant again. His first act was to kill the hero who killed his mortal shell. He raised him as one of the first plague bringers who would turn Fjortir into an undead wasteland.   Turam ruled as an undead overlord for years, until he was stopped by a group of adventurers with the aid of the Fjortir Alliance, lifting the curse and destroying nearly every undead in the lands. In recent years, some claim the ghost of the king still lingers on the islands, refusing to let go of his price.

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Cover image: World Anvil Banner - Imarand: The Twin Worlds by Martijn Donker


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