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Dread Ranger

Sarev was once a close and good friend of Enialis while he was still a mortal, a friendship that started in their childhoods. But none of that seemed to be true when Enialis and Sarev fought out a dual in the streets of Umar, where Sarev met his untimely death and was left on the roads while Enialis ran.   Sarev was appointed to keep watch over Enialis and keep sure his memory didn't come back, a task loathed and cursed Enialis. In his view, he was exiled along with Enialis from Azureglade Court to live among humans as a half-elf. This hatred leads him directly in the open arms of Srytri, where he became her agent.

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Cover image: World Anvil Banner - Imarand: The Twin Worlds by Martijn Donker


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