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The Devourer of Elements

When the world was still young, the primordials created and shaped the mountains, valleys, rivers, and seas, and during that time, Roddrak, one of the primordial of wood, as opposed to the plans his brothers and sister had forged with the gods. Roddark, being a minor power among even compared to other wood elementals.   As the world shaped around him, he sought other ways to create the world without the help of the goddess Iyassian. He left his brothers and sisters behind, to search for a new source of power and end the dependency of the gods. During his travels, he came upon a pool raw magi energy, remnants of the body of his fallen brothers and sisters, the war with the gods. Although forbidden, Roddrak saw within the puddle an opportunity to avenge this fallen brothers and sisters by absorbing their remnant power.   Searching the planets for these remnants, Roddrak grew stronger, but also unleashed an eternal insatiable hunger. In the mean, while his brothers and sisters have grown fond of the goddess, realizing the wood elementals and goddesses weren’t that different in their dreams and hopes. These brothers and sisters also began to worry about their lost brother; this prolonged absence has been noted and began to search for Roddrak, only find him to have slipped into madness. In a rage, as they began told Roddrak they saw the goddess as an equal, he killed his brothers and sisters who came searching for them and blamed the goddess for their deaths.   He hid in the void between the stars, planning his revenge for hundreds of years when he emerged he was twisted beyond recognition and a single purpose to kill the goddess Iyassian.   During their clash, the goddess was gravely wounded. Still, Roddrak was ultimately defeated as all the wood elements rose to defend the goddess protecting her with a massive tree while trapping Roddrak in his prison.   For thousands of years, the elements stound vigil over the Roddrak prison. By the time the mortal races matured, they had found a small tribe of humanoids who revered the elements as guardians of their tribe. To honor them, these mortal began to send their own to help the primordials with their vigil.   With time the primordials began to trust them and entrusted them with the vigil to protect the site but never believed them with the history of Roddrak. With the reappearance of the wood elementals, the primordials thought that the tread of Roddrak had finally passed away and left the vigil to the mortals. Only telling them that the prison may never be opened.   As time passes, these tales disappear into legend and myth, till present day the village of Vigilton, still send out their own to protect the ancient ruins, as part of their customs said the give the blessing of the elements during their lives.

Divine Domains

Divine Classification

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Cover image: World Anvil Banner - Imarand: The Twin Worlds by Martijn Donker


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