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Lira Tinarra Greyfury

Queen of the Madilar

Queen Lira, came to power when her father died of old age, her mother died at childbirth. The child queen, as she is often is called, rules over the Madilar folk with care and dedication, unlike someone her age would do. Breaking the isolation of her people and opening new trade routes has her primary focus at the moment.   Unknown to just a handful of the Madilar court, Lira Tinarra is possessed by a spirit of some sort. The being has a symbiotic bond the child and spirit to been in control for many of the official parts of her days in court, while not in control see seems to be teaching Lira that could be useful in her further life as monarch.
Current Location

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Cover image: World Anvil Banner - Imarand: The Twin Worlds by Martijn Donker


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