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Life on Imarand

The twin worlds of Imarand is a vibrant, living campaign, with two very different worlds in which to create many adventures. City-states and kingdoms might look vast but hold very little power over the lands. Monsters that lurk outside the city walls have even scared some of the savage races into the cities. There are many secrets and wonders to be found in these worlds, but on the following pages, you can find the most important aspects of the campaign.

Two Worlds

After a battle between the gods and the primordials that raged for eons, the two factions formed an uneasy truce: two worlds were created, occupying the same space and time in the multiverse. These worlds were separated by a thin magical barrier, called the Veil, to keep the two from colliding and interacting with each other. On their side of the Veil, the gods created Terria, a world of divinity and piety, while the primordials shaped Ianna, a world of arcane wonders.

A portal between the worlds

The peoples of the twin worlds have created a massive portal between Terria and Ianna, shattering the Veil. Already the two worlds begin to influence each other: clerics bring their religious orders and teachings to the inhabitants of Ianna, while the magic fearing citizens of Terria are confronted with many wondrous magical items. Scholars on both sides of the portal warn that, by interacting with the other world, the truce between primordials and gods will falter and the war will soon be waged anew; this time to be fought by the subjects on the twin worlds, as well as the godly and primordial armies in the multiverse.

Ianna: Land of Magic

Ianna consists of several large kingdoms, scattered across the islands of that world and ruled by kings or queens. Magic is common in most parts of Ianna and wizards can be found in almost any social class. Even commoners carry low-level magic items around, and most kingdoms have established arcane schools, like the Wyrmpool Academy for the Arcane in Aldriel. Although the portal has brought knowledge of the gods to this world, the Iannian people are more likely to worship the elements, as many believe the gods to intervene too heavily in everyday life. Because of this, most healers on Ianna are shamans tied to the spirits of the lands, the Kindred Spirits, or elemental priests. Sometimes a bard takes up the role of a village's caretaker and medic.

Terria: Land of Divinity

The lands of Terria are divided into city-states, ruled by magistrates or elected delegates. Magic is feared by most common people and this fear will often lead to vicious witch hunts. Before the opening of the portal, only a few wizards and sorcerers lived within the lands of Terria and there is only one academy that teaches these arts: The School of Sorcery in Mag Mell. Those that practice the arcane arts often take up residence in that city because magic is much more accepted in Mag Mell. With the opening of the portal, more wizards and other arcane casters flock to Terria but find a very cold welcome outside of the capital city.

Throughout the land’s bards tend to perform only minor tricks as entertainers, while most other arcane spellcasters keep their talents hidden from the general eye or don't practice their magic at all. Divine magic, on the other hand, is much more accepted, because of its ability to heal and the miracles spread by the hands of the gods through their followers. The gods play a prominent role in everything on Terria and almost every town and city have a religious building where the divine are worshipped.

Travel between the worlds is easy

With a relatively simple spell, any spellcaster can travel between Terria and Ianna in the blink of an eye and, with the great portal between the capital cities of Braxris and Mag Mell, even non-spell casters can travel between worlds for a small fee.

Many cities and kingdoms are also trying to create their portals: the Madilar are building a sea portal for their fast smuggling ships, while the ancient portals of the elves lie scattered across Azureglade, slowly sparking back to life.

Heroes come from all races

Adventurers break the bonds of their hometowns in many respects. They are eager to travel the world and absorb new ideas. In most societies, they can advance their status rapidly, ignoring the strictures of class and station. Although many adventurers belong to the more prominent races of the worlds, such as humans and elves, it is not uncommon to see adventurers hailing from the savage races: nobles often hire orcs as bodyguards and gnolls guide many a wizard to ancient ruins.

The roads between cities are dangerous and many places outside the city walls are deadly to anyone who can't protect themselves. As such, adventurers are in high demand to do that what others can't, ranging from protecting caravans and retrieving a lost item, to pest control and exploring the wilderness beyond civilization.

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