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Forge Hammer

Legendary Hammer of the Ironbiters

An oversized blacksmiths hammer, Forge Hammer is set with shamanistic markings of the Sha race and a large blood-red ruby in its pommel. Despite looking like a blacksmiths hammer its handles like a fine Warhammer, both usable in combat and at the forge.

Nonlegacy Game Statistics: +1 Warhammer; Cost 2,305 gp.
Omen: When Forge’s Hammer is wielded in battle, tendrils of red and blue, flames lick from the hammer and the jewel in the pommel. These flame is surprisingly cool to the wielder, but aren’t hot enough to harm other creatures. These flames grow larger and brighter as the Warhammer powers increase.

Level Attack
5 ˗ ˗ ˗ +2 Smithing, Blood Pact
6 ˗ ˗ 4 Earthseeker
7 ˗ ˗ ˗ Forge Sustenance
8 ˗ ˗1 2 +1 vicious Warhammer
9 ˗1 ˗ ˗ +4 Smithing
10 ˗ ˗ ˗
11 ˗ ˗ 2 +2 vicious Warhammer
12 ˗ ˗ ˗
13 ˗ ˗ ˗ +6 Smithing
14 ˗2 ˗ 2 +2 vicious flaming Warhammer
15 ˗ ˗ ˗ Endure Elements
16 ˗ ˗2 ˗ +8 Smithing
17 ˗ ˗ 2 +3 vicious flaming Warhammer
18 ˗ ˗3 ˗ Bloodlust
19 ˗3 ˗ 2 +10 Smithing
20 ˗ ˗ 2 +4 vicious flaming Warhammer

Legacy Rituals

Three rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of Forge’s Hammer.
Trial by Blood, Earth, and Fire: You must defeat a creature with the earth or metal subtype in personal combat. The creature’s Challenge Rating must be equal to or greater than your character level.
Cost: 2,200 gp, unlocks all abilities from level 5 to level 9. 

Forge Master: You are required to pay homage by crafting a masterwork weapon or armor, at the founder’s forge for 3 days. This is the forge where Forge Hammer is created.
Cost: 12,500 gp, unlocks all abilities from level 10 to level 14.

Humble Origins: You are required to help the commoners of the world first and foremost. You must also have five resource buildings (a mill, a smithy, a stable, or similar structures) built for a community of commoners (included in the cost of this ritual).
Cost: 40,500 gp, unlocks all abilities from level 15 to level 20.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Omen: When Forge’s Hammer is wielded in battle, tendrils of red and blue, flames lick from the hammer and the jewel in the pommel. These flame is surprisingly cool to the wielder, but aren’t hot enough to harm other creatures. These flames grow larger and brighter as the Warhammer powers increase.

Forge Hammer Abilities

Smithing (Ex): Beginning at level 5, the Forge Hammer can be used as a blacksmiths hammer. Any creature wielding Forge Hammer gets a +2 competence bonus on Craft (Armor), Craft (Blacksmithing), and Craft (Weapons). This bonus increases with a +2 at 9th, 13th, 16th, and 19th level.
Blood Pact (Su): At level 5, the Forge Hammer drains the wielder constitution while using it as a blacksmiths hammer. For every 4 hours of work the hammer drains 1 con, this drain can be regained at a rate of 2 con per day while resting. This replaces 50% op de XP cost while crafting magical armors or weapons.
Earthseeker (Su): At 6th level and higher, while wielding Forge Hammer, you can detect any creature with the earth subtype within 60 feet. You must concentrate (a standard action) to do so. The hammer ignores any damage reduction an earth-subtype creature possesses.
Forge Sustenance (Su): At 7th level, whenever Forge Hammer delivers the killing blow against a living creature, you can draw off some of that creature’s essence, eliminating your need for food and water for 24 hours. A creature killed thusly can be returned from the dead only by a resurrection spell or more powerful magic. Alternatively, you can use a standard action to voluntarily take 1d6 points of damage from Forge Hammer to gain the same benefit.
Endure Elements (Su): The Forge Hammer was crafted in inhospitable environments, such as active volcanoes or geothermal caves. Beginning at 15th level, you act as if continually under the effects of an endure elements spell. Caster level 5th.
Bloodlust (Su): Starting at 18th level, whenever you deal with an opponent damage with Forge Hammer, you gain a +1 morale bonus on your next attack against the same opponent. The next attack must occur within 1 round, or the bonus is lost. The bonus is cumulative, so if your next attack hits, you gain a +2 morale bonus on your following attack against that opponent, and so on up to a maximum attack bonus of +5. As long as you continue successfully damaging the same foe, you gain this bonus, but if you miss or fail to damage the opponent with an attack, the bonus is lost.


The forging of the Forge Hammer is a blacksmiths hammer past down in the Ironbiter family for generations, who dedicated his or her life to the forge. Usually, one gets an omen or dream, within she is given a task to craft her hammer by a fiery or metallic creature. This tradition dates back to one of the earliest ancestors of the Ironbiter family. The first Ironbiter to ever crafted a Forge Hammer was called Ursa, within the heart of the mountain, the forged she a hammer with no equal.
Knowledge (History), DC 15
  Ursa spent every free hour of the day in the forging, after a night of strange dreams about forging she woke up in an unfamiliar environment. A being of fire and metal asked her what she could do with a block of metal at Ursa’s feet. The metal was unknown to Ursa but she could feel metal was brimming with raw primal power. Accepting the challenge, she decided to make a blacksmith hammer such as had never seen before.
Research, DC 18 - Trial By Blood, Earth, and Fire
  Ursa put her whole heart and soul into the hammer working night and day. Her experience has taught him that peace and time may be required to make something beautiful. The creature was impressed by the passion and Ursa skill exhibited and she broke his passive surveillance. He pulled two long cuts on the forearms of Ursa and said “Someone so much of her heart and soul into her work, will make something that lasts thought out the ages, fuse your blood with the steel. Remember that working with me is not a matter that one should not take lightly”. Ursa continued renewed passion and with every stroke, she hit her blood in the metal, but rather to seem to evaporate the metal to absorb his blood. As more blood hit the hammer, the more metal began to pulsate. As if it got its heartbeat. Ursa was weakened till the point of collapse, but she gathers herself ignoring the pain and keep going, time after time after time.
Research DC 25 - Forge Master
  After a week working day and night the hammer was this done, Ursa handed it to the creature before collapsing down from fatigue. The creature grabbed the hammer, looked at it carefully and gave him back to Ursa and said, "Now go and use this hammer. It can be used for good or evil, creation or destruction of your community but that’s up to you, but only you can wield its powers. You have bled for this hammer and given it a part of your soul, like any other item you forge with this hammer.” “From day forth I one day will come back to claim one of your children, as for their descendants when they come to age, and give them the same trail you faced. Pass down your passion for forging metal too your offspring and along with this story, the Legends of the Ironbiters has just begun.”
Research DC 31 - Humble Origins

Wielder Requirements

  Most would-be wielders of Forge Hammer are fighters, barbarians, or rangers. With an affinity for forging weapons and armor.

Forge Hammer
Wielder Requirements
  • Strength 14
  • Base attack bonus +3
  • Craft (Armor) or Craft (Weapons) 4 ranks
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location
10lbs. / 4.5 kg
Base Price
2,305 gp

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Cover image: World Anvil Banner - Imarand: The Twin Worlds by Martijn Donker


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