Session 1 - Temp Name Supreme

Phase 1: High Concept

  There will be Gods   Some of the Gods are not only visible, but they can take a physical form! Any form!   The majority of these gods often represent bizarre but mundane things. Gods of kitchen ware, goddesses of a single blade of grass?   There are 30 big clans, all disagree on which god is the most important. THis ends in many wars   The setting consists of one singular world, which is the god-body of the creator god-thing, semi-dormant but still very alive and occasionally active   mining/digging effort are an itch that sometimes needs to be scratched   some of the gods (especially the more minor ones) take smaller, and those that are almost always physical, forms, akin to the beings that reside on The Big Being with a few key differences! (some of them may even be main characters!)   the gods hateee being worshipped and always try to let their followers down easy by politely refusing it.   That gods aren't always entirely organic as we might be, so a lot of technology and magic require... God-parts.   there is a cult that seeks to bring the end of the world by waking up The Big Being! they may function as the Big Bads or there may be a Bigger, Badder villain behind it all   This cult needs to gather god parts to form a perfect anti big being to destroy the world leading into a religious war where the worshippers seek to protect their gods instead of the other way around.   To perform magic, you have to implement god-parts into your own body as a twisted combination between cybernetics and Giger-like bio-mechanics   The confederation of sand gods and godesses has decided in order to save the world they are going to sacrifice themselves and throw themselves into eahc gear and machinery they see, whether it is in the big being, a human or a harmless machine somewhere    

Phase 2

  Organization:   The Awakeners are a shady cult that have meticulously planned out every move needed to wake up their patron god, The Big Being, and they will stop at nothing to complete their goal, even sacrificing their entire clan isn’t out the window!   Character: The Godess of hourglasses in their meeting room who sacrificed herself and sent her children out so they can alert others   Item: Shards of those hourglasses of bio-organic glass that can be fashioned into crude ocular implants, giving the wearer vision-based time-magic.   Prrofession: Godsguard, those who offer services to protect gods?   Condition: Haern Filled, applies to when one is filled with the sand of a god and has a sudden increase in magic but is effectively partially possessed, goes away once the god leaves and takes their sand with them (the godsguard are usually there to protect the vessel until they get unpossessed)   Landmark: The holy crater, a large whole in the ground that irregularly spawns god-pieces (think fluff in a creators belly button) lots of fighting around this important ressource   Region; an enormous scarred-blasted badlands that is where the Godsguard were first formed after some magic catastrophy really seemed to hurt the world-god-being   Tech: reliquaries, porcelain tubelike containers that are very hard to break. Used to transport gods and their parts accross regions. Safely and without detection   Species! Imore: a people that formed from the blood/ichor of the Big Being, dedicated to protecting the Big Being (and keeping them asleep) and the founders of the Godsguard, they are located primarily around the head and neck but occasionally send out small parties to check out the heart’s area   material: godsgear, the highest quality of godpieces, in form of gears pretty much exclusivle yfound at the crater.   Ethnicity: A tainted/diseased kind of Imore, akin to how an immune system can attack a body its in and taken over by "virus"   document: The skin of Ibys, a scroll written on the skin of a god, it details the exact way to end the world....and the awakeners already have it


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