Summer Camp 2024 Pledge

I, TheDoctor292, pledge to do at least 8 prompts and I’ll be happy with whatever amount of articles I’ll be able to do
by World Anvil

Week 1

Theme 1: Change

I have some ideas for what I could do with this theme. There’s the Industrial Revolution in Eceon which changed how people are able to go around and the start of the major conflict in the world. The End of an Era article in Ilthci where the Disability Crisis finally ended with the ruler, Myshah, who was able to get some positive stuff going regarding disability rights. This sparked a new era but there were still people that didn’t like them.  


I have all of July to write but probably won’t get a lot done so I’m hoping to get the copper badge. I don’t have a specific time slot to write so it’ll be anything from the morning to the night. It all really depends on how much inspiration that I have for the prompts and how fast I can get them done.  

Categories and Tags

I don’t know what world I’m going to focus on yet so I’m not sure on the category side. I recently went and cleaned up any unnecessary tags and adding new ones from all worlds and articles. I always tag articles with whatever tags they need so I’m already set.  

Week 2

Theme 2: Refuge

This theme fits perfectly with Change but I’m currently a bit stuck on ideas. I have one in mind for Ilthci; the town where disabled people are welcome and that’s it. It’s the only place that hasn’t been touched by the Warlord’s influence.  

Accountability Buddies

This won’t work for me since I’m writing by myself but the WA community will be a nice place for this.  

Styling and CSS

I’m good on CSS so far. I am planning on tweaking things in the long run but not right now. Formatting is something that I’m always working on.  

Week 3

Theme 3: Belief

I don’t entirely know what to do for this theme. There’s not any solid ideas coming to mind for this theme right now. If I get any inspiration before SC starts I’ll update this section.  


I’m inspired by a lot of stuff and probably won’t ever stop being inspired. For Ilthci my inspiration is the Disability Rights Movement and how the perception of disabilities have changed throughout human history. I’ve done some basic research on that already so I know some stuff but will probably research more when I need it.


I may expand this article in the future
Wandering Worldsmith badge
Wandering Worldsmith badge by Rumengol
Excerpt from the image
Wandering Worldsmiths travel and build a lot of worlds. They may look similar or very different, but they all share a common creator. Yet, this creator might favour one over the others for some time, or entirely. But the wanderer never settles in one place, and always goes back to its previous homes. To be recognized a Wandering Worldsmith, you have to answer the prompts in different worlds
— Rumengol

Cover image: by TheDoctor292


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