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Agressive Ache

It messes with the internal structure of the hand which allows the holder to do serious damage or kill someone with a single touch. The holders can control it rather easily using a mind based system and when you touch someone it they get knocked out within 5 minutes. It leaves a bunch of faint dots, causes the victim to be unable to walk for more than a few minutes. They can still move around and do stuff, and can sometimes cause them to fall asleep regularly which depends on the age of the victim. The effects go away after 2-3 months.


It’s a very rare mutation in the DNA which only effects 0.1% of the Aerzi population. There’s no record of how many people have this condition. They get it during birth but it can sometimes pop up a few years later.


There is a shot to help lessen the effects and make it less deadly. It’s injected through the arm and gets rid of a few of the cells that manifest when the condition is applied to the victim. The treatment can be afforded by anyone but it can raise concern for the Doctor.

Cultural Reception

People have a bad association with this condition and usually people that know are the parents of the holder but sometimes they don’t know if they have it. Someone that has this condition are called a menace to society.If people are seen using this there is a very harsh punishment. One can be sentenced to prison or be killed. Sometimes witnesses won’t tell anyone about it because they don’t want them to get in trouble especially if it’s a family member.
Chronic, Congenital
Extremely Rare
Affected Species

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