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Salimar have earned a reputation for being hard-nosed, but fair merchants, living by waterways and port cities to conduct business. They are highly intelligent and dignified creatures with a great respect for - and interest in - culture. In Salimar culture, being well-dressed is an absolute must, as it is symbolic of their wealth and stature.

Their skin is glossy and smooth, with patches from their head to their tail. They come in a wide variety of base colors and patches, ranging from fiery red, snow white, metallic silver, to glacial blue. On average, Salimar stand roughly 3-4 feet tall; they have elongated bodies with somewhat stumpy legs and thick tails. They are much longer than they appear, due to their semi-upright posture.

It is widely known that Salimar are not only immune to fire, but are actually healed by it. This isn't incorrect, but incomplete. Two distinct breeds of Salimar exist: Cinder-borne and Rime-children.
Cinder-born are Sourced from fire, flame, and heat. Their eggs require great heat in order to solidify and crack open. They surf the sun-lit waves and most frequently interact with terrestrial races.
Rime-children are instead Sourced from cold, frost, and the oceanic abyss. They give live birth, but only in the deepest cold. They prefer the frigid nature of ocean basins and the rare drifting iceberg. They tend to be less social than their fiery cousins.

Basic Information


Of roughly humanoid form, Salimar stand roughly 3-4 feet tall; they have elongated bodies with somewhat stumpy legs and thick tails. Their shoulders and backs are sloped, giving a creeping appearance. Their eyes are significantly larger than is standard for their head size, which can be construed as a "child-like" appearance.

Genetics and Reproduction

All Salimar are mono-gender. Neither male nor female, all are capable of bearing children in the presence of a significant Source of the proper elemental energy. Prior to the reproductive, many Salimar must donate a portion of their vital essence to a common reserve, which is drawn upon when an individual wishes to produce offspring. Upon ingesting this energy, the expectant mother will seek an appropriate Source, and lay eggs or give live birth, respectively. A common clutch produces 4-8 newborns. More is not rare, but will often kill the mother.

Growth Rate & Stages

Newborns are kept near their Source for 6 months to grow in strength, emerging not as children, but miniature adults with nearly fully matured minds. Their bodies reach full physical maturity within 2 years.

Ecology and Habitats

Salimar are almost entirely aquatic. While capable of travel overland, they require immersion in water (fresh or salt) at least once every 12 days, or their skin will crack and tear.

Dietary Needs and Habits

In addition to standard nutrients, Salimar require exposure to a powerful Source in order to maintain their health. All Salimar settlements will establish a chapel dedicated to each Source. Dedicated Salimar travel between these chapels to consecrate and maintain Source strength.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All Salimar have multiple nictitating membrane to cover their over-large eyes. This allows full vision underwater, with more membranes being used to protect their eyes and enhance vision at greater depths. For this reason, Rime-children average more membranes than Cinder-borne. Both breeds also have the supernatural ability to sense heat. In Cinder-borne, this manifests as an innate directional sense towards the nearest body of heat. Rime-children instead have a dowsing ability. They know the general level of heat for a broad area in any given direction. In both cases, this sense makes no distinction between magical and non-magical heat.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Salimar organize based on the Source of their birth, between the breeds of Cinder-borne and Rime-children. Further clans divide based on their individual Source. Much debate and posturing based on individual premises of superiority.

Common Dress Code

Fancy. The more ornamentation, the better.


Salimar are the founding race of Abuulon, predating the joining of Lizardfolk and Gobkin (Goblin and Goblin, Amphibious). Their clan structure is the backbone of Abuulon customs.
Average Height
3-4 feet
Average Weight
40-60 pounds

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