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You never know when the world will simply fall. Hoaxes and "End of the World" prophecies came left and right when historians learned about Indigenous calendars that simply stopped. Of course no one would believe the new decade would bring chaos. They didn't have to believe it.

To them, machines failed constantly, what difference would it make if a computer couldn't read the time or got the date wrong? The fictional stories that rose up from countless writers and movies of aliens coming or radiation giving super-powers left tens of millions of people laughing worldwide.

Nothing would happen when the world ticked over into the new decade.
There was no impending doom to worry of.

And yet, it came just minutes prior. Airlines were shut down. Trains were stuck in the middle of nowhere. But it was the smaller problems of something even more grand. Missiles were launched. Power plants failed. Life stopped within an hour of the tick over.

The Bug in the machine brought a downfall that left chaos in the streets of the public and an apocalyptic hellscape to all of Earth's citizens. Yet here, within that hellscape, brought a shift in the tides and an exposure to those who hid beneath the crust of the earth to lend a hand in rebuilding the land they called home.

No one expected it'd be demons that come to be their ally.

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