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Welcome to the Reformed States.

Written by cannibal

Welcome to Illusia, a fictional, post-apocalyptic fantasy world set in an alternate destroyed United States within the current 21st century. Illusia is reformed group of midwestern states that have taken advantage of trying to reunite something. Though the Northern American continent itself is still large, many areas are heavily irradiated from power plant malfunctions or inhabitable due to lack of resources.

I must alert readers that this is a personal project of building a world for story I'm writing to help learn genres I'm weak in. This would be a world that holds a series of genres like:
  • Gothic
  • Cowboy (Mid)Westerns
  • chock full of monsters/cryptids/magic because I have no self control.

The US has fallen and we're gonna throw a party... poorly. Loudly, though.
Hopeful updates will come to this world a few weeks after it's been posted to Patreon.

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Author's Notes

I intend to update this as I can, posting the majority to patreon first before posting it public here. Granted, the main characters for the story will not be posted in full detail here, perhaps a small snippet, but that's really it.

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