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Turok, the God of the Forge, Trade, and Commerce, is a popular deity in the world of Illios. He is revered by those who work with metal, such as blacksmiths and miners, as well as merchants and traders. Turok is often depicted as a muscular man with a blacksmith's hammer in one hand and a scale in the other, symbolizing his control over both creation and commerce.   His followers believe that Turok blesses their work and helps them to create high-quality items and to make profitable trades. They also hold him responsible for ensuring fair business dealings, and it is common for merchants to make offerings to Turok before important negotiations or trade agreements. In return, they hope to receive Turok's favor and the blessings of good fortune and prosperity.   He is seen as a protector of the underdog and is revered by those who have been wronged in business dealings. Those who break their agreements or engage in dishonest trade practices are said to incur Turok's wrath, which can result in financial ruin or other forms of misfortune.   Worshippers of Turok often build shrines or altars dedicated to the god in their workplaces, and hold regular festivals and ceremonies in his honor. These events typically involve offerings of food, drink, and precious metals, as well as demonstrations of metalworking skills and trade negotiations.

Divine Domains



The Creator's Hammer: A massive war hammer that is said to have the power to break the strongest fortifications and shatter the toughest armor, forged by Turok himself.   The Anvil of Opportunity - A massive anvil that is said to have the power to transform even the most mundane metal into a work of art. It is believed that those who use the Anvil of Opportunity will never lack for work or inspiration.   The Scales of the Market - A pair of delicate golden scales that is said to have the power to weigh the worth of anything, whether it be physical objects, ideas, or even the souls of the living.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

An Anvil and Scales.   The anvil would represent the deity's role as the patron of the forge, and the scales symbolize his role in commerce and trade, as well as his power to weigh and measure the worth of all things.

Tenets of Faith

Everyone must learn some form of creation, metal working, wood working, fletching, Alchemy, etc


Festival of Creation: During this holiday, followers of the deity gather together to compete in a series of challenges and contests aimed at showcasing their skills and creativity in the arts and crafts associated with the deity's domains. The festival would involve blacksmiths, artisans, and other makers coming together to work on their projects, sharing techniques and tips, and pushing themselves to create their very best work. The week would culminate in a grand exhibition, where all the competitors would display their creations for judging.   Judges, who are experts in their respective fields, would evaluate each piece based on its quality, originality, and craftsmanship. Prizes would be awarded for the top entries in categories such as best armor, best weapon, best jewelry, and more.   Aside from the competition, the festival also features workshops, demonstrations, and other activities related to the arts and crafts associated with the deity. This would provide an opportunity for followers to learn from the best, improve their skills, and deepen their connection to the deity and his domains.   The Festival of Creation is be a time of celebration, camaraderie, and creativity, where followers of the deity come together to honor his role as the patron of the forge, trade, and commerce, and to inspire one another to achieve greatness in their pursuits.   Day of the Anvil - A day dedicated to the deity's role as the patron of the forge, where blacksmiths and artisans offer up their work in his honor and ask for his blessing on their craft.   The Night of the Coin - A night dedicated to the deity's role in commerce, where followers leave offerings of coin and wealth at his temples, asking for his protection and blessing in their financial dealings.
Divine Classification

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