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The Divine Gods

Good, Bad, or just plain Ugly?

The Divine Gate, established during the Divergence, is a powerful barrier between the Material Plane and the divine realms. The Divine Gate sealed away both the Betrayer Gods and the Prime Deities within their respective domains in hopes of salvaging the new age and preventing another God Wars. If the Divine Gate were to be destroyed by the unanimous effort of the Prime Deities, all powers would be unleashed, threatening armageddon. Thus, the gods patiently watch their creations from beyond the veil, lending what small power they can send through the gate to aid the goals of their faithful. In the absence of the gods, lesser entities seek to gain power and influence, making pacts with mortals and offering their own gifts in exchange for favor, worship, or deeds done in their name. The circle of Prime Deities includes the leaders and luminary creators that battled the Primordials and instigated the Founding, forging the mortal races of the Forgotten Realms. They represent a spectrum of light, protection, love, death, and all other facets of freedom and life in the world. While some gods may disagree and squabble, they exist in a subtle alliance to maintain the sanctity of life and their respective creations.   The Prime Deities are often at war, or pushing influence back and forth, with the Betrayer Gods.

Mythology & Lore

The Prime Deities are: Avandra, The Change Bringer (CG, Trickery and Freedom) Bahamut, The Platinum Dragon (LG, Life and War) Corellon, The Arch Heart (CG, Light) Erathis, The Law Bringer (LN, Neutral) Ioun, The Knowing Mentor (N, Knowledge) Kord, The Storm Lord (CN, Tempist and War) Melora, The Wild Mother (N, Nature/Tempest) Moradin, The All-Hammer (LG, Knowledge and War) Pelor, The Dawn Father (NG, Life and Light) Raei, The Everlight (NG, Life and Freedom) The Raven Queen, Matron of Death (LN, Life and Death) Sehanine, The Moon Weaver (CG, Trickery/Dream)   The Betrayer Gods: Asmodeus, King of the 9 Hells (LE, Trickery) Bane, God of War (LE, War) Tiamat, The Chromatic Queen of Dragons (LE, Greed, Trickery, War) Torog, The Crawling King (NE, Death/Decay) Vecna, The Lich God of Undeath (NE, Death/Decay, knowledge) Gruumsh, The Cyclops God (CE, Tempist/War) Lolth, The Spider Queen (CE, Trickery/Death) Tharizdun, The Undoer (CE, Trickery) Zehir, The King of Assassins (CE, Trickery and Death)
Religious, Pantheon
Alternative Names
The Dawn War Pantheon

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