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The Creation of the Mortal Plane

Before time, all that were known to exist were the Gods in their astral planes and the nothingness in-between them. Unbeknownst to the young Pantheon of the Old Ones, a dark horror was beginning to stir. The Eldritch Abominations were beginning to wake from their slumber and they were starved. They began to war and feast on one another, bringing destruction to the outer void. The destruction continued for centuries, alerting the old gods to a much more powerful force outside of their realms. As the fighting began to fade, two dying Nebula Horrors crashed through the center of the realms of the gods, releasing an unfathomable amount of power. It destroyed several links between the gods' realms and in the process created the Mortal realms to link them in their place. The amount of power created the original Primordials; the physical embodiments of feelings, ideas, and elements. After decades of recovering the gods realized what had happened. They began exploring the new planes and discovering the Primordials. At first, things seemed peaceful, but over time the Primordials became more and more corrupt. Eventually a war broke out between the Primordials and the Old Gods. They fought tirelessly, the never-ending slaughter called heavy casualties to both sides. In their final battle on the Mortal Planes, the last of the Old gods gathered to fight the Primoridial of War. The gods fell left and right, none could seem to stand alone against its unending might, so they devised a plan to seal it away from the rest of the planes to bring an end once and for all.   Once the gods launched their final attack, they surrounded the Primordial and charged. Out of the dozen that charged at the Primordial, only a handful made it there alive. Once on top of the primordial the old gods gathered as much power as they could and sacrificed themselves to seal away the final primordial. However, not all was lost that day, for the Old God of Life still remained, albeit quickly passing. With her last ounce of energy she was able to spread life into the mortal and astral planes and planted the seed that would eventually become, the World Tree and from its grand trunk: the Gods of the Dawn War Pantheon.

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