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Ruby Seas and Emerald Mountains

Written by Waithlord

Illian is the primary continent of Illandria. It has been the primary source of the world's activity for ages and is home to many of the worlds races. It is home to many kingdoms of varying power, none quite powerful enough to take over the others. The Ring of Ten, more commonly referred to as 'The Ring' hold domain over the continent and keep the peace. They act outside of the jurisdiction of the kingdoms as Arbitrators of the realm, each acting in their own area of the continent. Little is known on the specifics of the groups role outside of that. There are 9 provinces in Illian: Dorian Highlands, Fermund, the Ecnead Coast, Altero Plains, Arac Lowlands, The Krag, The Ochre Mountains, Dragons Eye, and the Black Shore.


Illian is home to many different climates, diversifying the terrain greatly with enough distance. It has 9 regions mainly divided by geographical features. Dorian Highlands: Primarily a very mountainous and vast scape. Large mountains and wide valleys covered in short and tough grass and shrubbery. Throughout the mountaintops there seems to be a permanent fog that only disappears on the 'hottest' days of the summer. Stone outcroppings, winding ditches/cracks, and ancient riverbeds line the sides of mountains and the bottoms of valleys. It has a short border with the sea, but most water present comes from the various rivers. There is very little flat land that is not on at least a slight grade. The climate is relatively cool and the area is covered in a thick fog for much of the year, causing many surfaces to be wet or slick. Rain is common but note that large storms are very rare and are usually a sign of a large event in the near future.   Fermund Forest: An expansive forest filled with tightly packed trees. These trees are largely deciduous with the occasional evergreen being added in the northern regions of the forest. The overall terrain is difficult to move through unless on a previously well cut path. Dense underbrush and odd large boulders make trailblazing difficult but not impossible. There is a large mountain that the forest borders on three sides and seems to peel back from after nearing the mountain.   The Ecnead Coast: A long coastal region with a warm climate. Much of the area is plains that are spotted with small to medium forests. The beaches are primarily white sand and the water is some of the clearest on the continent. The terrain is quite flat overall with some hills dotting the coast. Most days are warm but the summer makes the weather wild and unpredictable. For all of the natural beauty the beaches bring, they come at the cost of deadly storms. Rain is not uncommon, as it can go a couple weeks without a drop, however extremely large storms can kick up in a very small amount of time. Hurricanes smash the area in the late summer causing many a ship to go down off the coast or into the rocky parts of the shore.   Altero Plains: A seemingly never ending plateau of flatlands that have very little elevation change. Small streams and tall shrubbery dot the landscape. The grass is hardy and weeds are few as rain is uncommon in the plains making much of the area very dry. Earth and Air Elementals have been known to roam the area but they are few and far between. Wild herds of Aurochs roam the plains grazing from one spot to the next, posing little threat to those around unless provoked.   Arac Lowlands: The southern portion of the Dorian Highlands. Covered in more forests and less mountainous terrain than it's northern counterpart, it maintains similar rain patterns (albeit a bit drier) and is much more sunny all around. Rolling hills cover the land and large golden fields of wheat and canola providing vibrant yellows to the pale green landscape.   The Krag: A massive gouge in the earth. It is the site of an ancient battle that rocked the material plane. No one knows what specifically caused this event during that war. The ground is black, permanently scarred from lost magics. Weather is unpredictable and time makes little sense. The light can be just as blinding as the darkness. Day and night no longer appear when they should, disorienting the unprepared. The flat barren landscape is home to the very few who dare combat the dangerous environment. Little is known on the natural flora and fauna in the area.   The Ochre Mountains: A dry mountain range in the southern part of the continent. The dry earth is cracked from the long exposure to heat and little rain. The mountains themselves seem to have risen straight up into plateaus. Hardy flora and fauna are everywhere, but only noticed by the keen few that may travel.   Dragons Eye: The largest of two mountains in the southern regions of the continent. Surrounded by dense forest, the Dragons Eye stands as an imposing figure to all who travel. It can be seen from many leagues away and is a sign that the southern part of the continent has been reached. The mountain itself is so large that even being in the warmest region of the continent, there is still a snowy cap on the sister mountain which is short by comparison. Dragon's Eye is a volcano of massive proportions. It is rumored that in the Wars of Old, there was a mighty dragon that ripped the peak off of the top of the great mountain and made the inside it's lair.   Black Shore: The largest northern coastal region on the continent. It received it's name from the large black sand beaches on it's coast. Rumors of stray magic blackened sections of the shore. Others say that giants crushed onyx for fire pits on the shores. The glittering beauty of the coastal region is matched by the extensive forests bordering the relatively flat coast. Rain and severe weather is relatively common during the later months of the year. During the early summer, the black sand and water create an alluring and mysterious place for visitors to view. In the winter, they become the black omen of the northern waters.


Illian is the main continent of the known world of Illandria. It is home to many of the worlds races and is the main hub for much of the world's activity. Vast trading networks snake through and around the mainland. Illian is the original home of the ancient races and the wars that they waged. After the Fall of the Gods, those remaining banded together to rebuild what was left of their home. They were led by the 10 Great Heroes; each was defender of the old nations. They agreed that the land should be divided into smaller regions to prevent one from getting more powerful than another. The continent was to be divided into 9 Regions, each to be monitored by a guardian, with the final guardian being placed in a neutral location so that no other faction could gain more power than the others. They created what is now known as the Ring of Ten. 9 realms with 9 guardians led by a neutral capital. Thus the Empire of the Falling Sun was born. Over time, champions were replaced and the Ring became more cryptic. They strayed from their duties and began pursuing more personal gain. Infighting became more common and they rushed to amass power for themselves. The Empire collapsed into their respective regions and in order to maintain power, the Ring scrambled to subdue the kingdoms all that rose up. Wars were waged and many lives were lost until the Ring maintained an iron grip on the leaders of each of the newly formed kingdoms. Since those wars, much of the world has stayed the same. Kings rose and fell, wars were waged, and most knowledge of the old ways was lost to time. Relative stability returned while the Ring sat and watched from afar.


Being the hub of the known world, Illian attracts many different types of people from all over to trade, explore, or to simply seek a place to hide. Most will never travel past a port city, but those who wish to venture into the continent have a vast and dangerously beautiful landscape to explore.
Alternative Name(s)

The Glittering Continent, Yorac's Domain, The Gluttonous plains

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