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The Imperial Inquisition

"Until such time as this investigation can be brought to a decisive conclusion, the property of Highlord Feramorga shall remain in the custody of the Imperial Inquisition. In the mean time, please refrain from trespassing, stay safe, and remember... The Inquisition is always watching and ready to intervene."
-High Vigilant Marthus Mílus

The Imperial Inquisition is one of the three branches of the Royal Military of the Cosmic Empire. Its division is primarily in charge of foreign espionage and internal investigation. While the military is generally a well-celebrated and respected facet of the empire among its citizens, the Inquisition garners a sinister reputation due to its highly secretive nature; seeing an inquisitor in person often means something quite terrible is afoot and the thought of being potentially arrested and interrogated by the Inquisition is not uncommon among citizens of the empire.


Founded by the mandate of Záras Sídia Galagame in the 2nd Age in response to the growing sophistication of Dwarven Kingdoms in the West.

"Court thine Enemy."

Founding Date
2203, 2nd Age
Military, Intelligence
Alternative Names
The Pale Riders, The Rats of the Military
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Notable Members

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