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Marthus Mílus

Inquisitor High Vigilant Marthus Mílus (a.k.a. "Marthus the Man-Hunter")

"The great Regula of Confluxia has told me that you were invaluable in the protection of the city! How wonderful! Perhaps, if you would allow me, I could treat you to a midsupper and we could have a little discussion."
-Marthus Mílus addresses Izzy, Vyndenis, and Zedeed for the first time

  Marthus Mílus is a high-ranking officer in the Imperial Inquisition. He is one of the few elven men to be have climbed the Imperial military officer chain to such a high level. He has garnered a reputation under the nickname "The Man-Hunter" for his many accomplishments in the Inquisition.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Marthus is decently tall for an elf, and is lean and fit as a result of his near-constant over-four-century career in the imperial military.

Physical quirks

When talking with people, regardless of the mood of a situation, Marthus can typically be seen with a thin-lipped smile plastered over his face.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Marthus was born in Ironstar, the capital city of the Province of Hashián in the Cosmic Empire. He joined the imperial military when he was 75 years old and soared through the ranks of the Inquisition.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Marthus is an incredibly accomplished Inquisitor, having headed and closed over two-thousand investigations and operations. He is one of the most decorated members of the Inquisition, though his repute within the Inquisition is kept more obscure due to the nature of the Inquisition.


Religious Views

Marthus is a follower of Pentism, the standard faith of the Cosmic Empire. It revolves around the worship of the gods Lars Lora, Palamoz, Prominus, Zerdia, and Haldora.

Social Aptitude

Marthus is extremely polite and well-spoken and enjoys engaging just about anyone in conversation.


Marthus at his core is very curious. He loves learning about new cultures and customs, and enjoys entrenching himself in new experiences.


Marthus speaks with the light accent of elves from the west of the Empire. He speaks also with older vernacular and delights in toting his expertise in a plethora of exotic languages.

High elf
Year of Birth
571 (496 years old)
Ironstar, Hashián
Biological Sex
Deep green
Platinum blonde
Skin Tone
Pinkish blue
165 lbs
Aligned Organization
The Imperial Inquisition
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Common, dwarvish, elvish, sylvan, many others
Character Prototype
The ideal person to play this character would be Christoph Waltz, specifically citing his roles in Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained.

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Character Portrait image: Elf and dragon by Owl Grey Evil


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