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Gods of Sekkathor

Sekkathor's gods are divided between two divine families, the Andalma and the Zerikon. The Andalma are believed to be tied intrinsically to the Material Plane and to reside within it. Each of the Zerikon are believed to be tied with their own separate plane of existence with which they reside in.

Mythology & Lore

The most widely accepted creation myth across Illadae is the one recorded by the giants. It details the original divine siblings Palamoz and Haldora, the subsequent creation of the other nine Andalma deities, Aeradel, Erathis, Fellior, Ioun, Kord, Melora, Moradin, Pelor, and Surtra, and the eventual birth of the entity Zerikon, which would lead to sacrifice of Palamoz and the eventual birth of the Zerikon deities.   The Andalma deities are referred to as such because they are believed to reside within the cosmological region of Andalma within the multiverse. The Zerikon are named such because they, whether directly or indirectly, owe their existence to the splitting of the original monster, Zerikon.  

Andalma Deities

Aeradel - God of Beauty, Love, and Art
Erathis - Goddess of Law and Civilization
Fellior - God of Wind, Rivers, and all things that flow
Haldora - God of Death, Envy, and Solitude
Ioun - Goddess of Wisdom and Teaching
Kord - God of Fertility, Protection, and Storms
Melora - Goddess of Wild Nature and the Sea
Moradin - God of Mountains and Crafting
Palamoz - Goddess of Creation and Sacrifice, also often acknowledged as Queen of the Gods
Pelor - God of Healing, Loyalty, and the Sun
Surtra - Goddess of Fire

Zerikon Deities

Adrammelech - God of Power, Aspirations, and Bargains
Dagon - Goddess of Anger and Unseen Terrors
Isura - Goddess of Purity and Vitality
Morgus - God of War and Conquest
Moroth Khan - God of Domination and Oppression
Nemesis - Goddess of Hatred and Violence
Noctyrn - God of Beasts and Hunting
Thaumael - Goddess of Hope and Despair, also heavily associated with Duality in general
Tintinnabulus - God of Madness
Torog - God of Torture and All things Repulsive
Vecna - God of Conspiracy and Secrets
Viluvia - Goddess of Hedonism and Revelry, also heavily associated with the Night
Xil'aguloth - God of Time, Knowledge, and Memory, sometimes called King of the Zerikon
Xil'tab - Goddess of Dreams, Foresight, and Possibility, sometimes called Queen of the Zerikon
Yod - God of Retribution and Vigilantism
Zorath - God of Destruction


Though there is a surprising amount of unity in which gods are acknowledged by the many cultures that dot Illadae, there is no unified faith among the people of Illadae that includes all of the these gods are beings to be necessarily worshiped.

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