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Mental Magic

If you meditate on it, you will find that all minds, no matter how intelligent, connect to one place. This is the Mindplane, where thoughts become reality. It is where all people go when asleep, where dreams take place. With enough practice, you can reach out to this place, even while awake. With even more practice, you can reach out to others.


Variety of mental effects, including telepathy, illusions, imparting emotions. Including more controversial effects, such as mind reading and mind control.


It is performed by reaching out to other minds via The Mindplane.


The first known people to access mental magic are the Taru of Zoruzara, who discovered The Mindplane.
Applied Restriction
Many applications of mental magic are restricted if not outright illegal. Using illusions to sell goods that don't exist is illegal. Mind reading is restricted to people with official authorization. And mind control is outright punishable by death in some countries, and by life in prison for the rest.

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4 Sep, 2018 22:58

It's already exist, is called the force (I am joking, this article is pretty interesting )