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It has been almost a century since the Elven Wars ended, along with the genocides that left the entire elven race extinct. With their old masters gone, many elven towns and cities throughout Southern Talamal have been occupied by human settlers, while others have been left to rot. Tomes and scrolls that once belonged to renowned elf priests have been used to study a new form of magic, necromancy.   Fifty years later, a powerful mage named Asther made a breakthrough in his necromantic studies. He discovered how to undead with free will and thought. Over time, these so-called Astherians grew in numbers and power. Eventually, they seized land of their own and formed a new nation, Astheria. This new nation struggles to maintain diplomatic relations with its neighbors, many of whom see Astherians as abominations.   In Northern Talamal, another magical breakthrough has just occurred. Portal mages have opened the first known portals to other worlds, and are already encountering sapient races. Opinions vary on how relations with these peoples should go. While others worry what they will find if they keep going.

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