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Iklizan the ruined expanse

107, 4001

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The war is now long forgotten, the destroying themselves and leaving the planet in their wreckage and having to rebuild. They are scared of magic now, keeping it more secret and those with the natural abilities taken in by leaders to be used as a weapon against each other.   Any magic users who choose to not align with the worlds leaders are forced to live in exile. A community of wizards and sorcerers are hidden away from the world. Only those who they deem worthy will be invited to their city.   Divine magic is strictly used for healing and cultural uses only outside of the military. Pact magic is only sought out by those who are evil or those desperate for power of their own. Those who rely on nature for their magic usually do the farmwork of the lands. Tho it's rumored some are in their own civilization that's tucked away in the fae wilds.   The main empires fight to try and explore the world and find whatever is left over. The magic scarred terrain brings odd elements into play when it comes to the evolution of wildlife. The lands are filled with horrors and monsters. Despite how much they already own there is still so much unexplored. lost magic items that may or may not still work and old legends and manuscripts on forgotten magic.