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Port city of Cleroy

Cover image: St Michael's Mount by James Webb (c.1825–1895)
Nuvar, a bustling, lively city by the sea, the sea spray air fills the air. Around the docks it smells of fish, lush with greenery in the surrounding lands and around the castle with a nearby forest and a mountain range in the distance. It gets a reasonable amount of rain for plantation to thrive, and the surrounding farms turn a decent profit and trade, but it receives a lot of sun and is very popular for its temperate climate. The merchant guild has a strong presence here due to the roaring trade facilitated by Nuvar's location being a port town with access to exotic goods as well as goods from the surrounding farms, orchards, meaderies, breweries and forest (for timber and materials). A thriving and bustling town, the sounds of the sea, children, merchants, and birds fill the air, as well as performers and minstrels in the market square. Cobbled streets mark the main roads, while compacted dirt lines the narrower streets and alleyways. Large stone walls surround the city and a small stone castle sits at the top of the hill. Small potted trees line the market square and a large well sits in the centre.


People of all races and ethnicities. Predominantly human, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, and half-elves. But there are also small populations of half-orcs, elves, aasimar, and a small pocket of aasimar.


Nuvar is owned and run by Lord and Lady Rilynnae, at least in theory. They live in the castle overlooking the city. However, the real source of power in Nuvar is the local branch of the Merchants' Guild, which has its hands firmly in the pockets of Lord and Lady Rilynnae. They enact hefty taxes wherever they can, and law enforcement is enacted by the city guard.


The city of Nuvar is surrounded with large stone walls and has a strong guard presence at the gatehouses and around the city, as Nuvar is a great source of the capital city of Cleroy's wealth.


Almost all the goods and services an adventurer could want or need are accessible at the market square. For a cheaper, but much more limited range, some goods can be bargained for at the docks, but this is a risky affair as it undercuts the local merchants' businesses and can land you in a lot of trouble with the Merchants' Guild, which holds a lot of power and clout here.   Fish is also a great source of trade in Nuvar, with a large fish market at the docks.


Nuvar boasts one of the more sophisticated and well developed sewer systems of Aetreas, as well as an expansive and well used shipyard, a necessity as Cleroy's only port city.


Nuvar's port is a bustling shipyard bringing in all sorts and keeps the city alive and thriving.

Guilds and Factions

Merchants' Guild:   Thieves' Guild:

Secretive guild with a presence in the undercity, the sewer network of Nuvar.

Mages' Guild:

Fighters' Guild:
Guild where barbarians and fighters alike hone their combat skills. Many of whom become members of the City Guard.

City Guard:
The law enforcement and guardsmen of Nuvar.

Home to the monks training ground


Almost all of the buildings are stucco and wood, like old english style pubs.


Located at the base of Albious Bay , to the east of Rouvray .

Natural Resources

The sea is a natural resource well appreciated and used by the locals of Nuvar, with a roaring fisheries trade. The arable land surrounding the city walls also provides a great source of the fruits of farming and agriculture.

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