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Saironnar (saj.ɾɔn'naɾ)

''(Kion, with a broken voice): Laku, I bring you news. Those rogues entered your son's-   (Soksau, interrupting him): Cease, I know what you will tell me. I know that if I let you speak you will kill my son, so please I beg you to keep silent. Let him at least be alive in my mind''.  
-excerpt from theatre play
Originally a revolutionary society created as a reaction to Iter Laku Soksau's adoption of aristocratic practices, the Saironnar have since been dismantled and reformed several times. The current iteration of this society is a 'cult of freedom' that holds several unbreakable fortresses in the countryside and launches attacks against the aristocracy.


The first ones


''It was a sunny day of month Handrin, everyone else at the palace seemingly sound asleep despite it being almost noon. However, the peace was broken when one of my ministers, whom I hadn't seen the night before, entered the courtyard.   Doubtlessly thinking nobody would see him, he did not hide his intent, a dagger visible in his right hand. Not wanting to find out who was he going to murder, I quickly and silently escaped''.  
-Iter Laku Soksau's autobiography
The first Saironnar were formed around 350 years ago, right after Ikaharin's only emperor adopted that title. The first members of the society were some of his first supporters, who had fought alongside him in the revolution and were entirely against anything remotely aristocratic.  

Rise and fall

''Damned rogues!''.
During the monarch's decades long reign, they mostly kept a low profile. Despite that, the group managed to stage 8 (failed) uprisings, assassinate many of Soksau's relatives and endure many crackdowns.   It wasn't until he died and his massive state fell apart that they became a major force. For the next 40 years they wreaked havoc all across the land, their numbers growing massively as the aristocrats revoked most of Soksau's reforms.   However, this wasn't to last, as eventually the nobility managed to restore order, successfully disbanding the organization.  

The birth of a cult

''We are like a forest. Burn it and it will regrow, scatter us and we will return''.  
-Saironnar proverb
Religious, Cult

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