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Deiauol (dɛ.ja'wɔl)

''What thing, what thing. What thing has axes for teeth and does not use them to kill?''  
The deiauol is a species of large beaver commonly found all across the Pangaea's northwest. Furthermore, it has been one of Ikaharin's very few working animals for millennia, even if it is not fully domesticated.

General characteristics


These creatures are beavers, and thus have a very similar body plan to other beavers. They have a rather stocky build, front feet designed for grabbing, very sharp incisors and a long, flat tail which can make up a fourth of the total length.   Besides this, the deiauol is the world's largest rodent. In fact, adults are big enough for little children to sit on their backs (as bad of an idea as that is).  


These animals can present 4 different coat colours: dark gray, dark brown, brown and ochre. The fur on the heads of males is generally darker than that on the rest of their bodies.    

Life cycle and social behaviour



''My lands are now barren, laku! My old grove is no more, the birds have flown away and with them has left all life. Thus I beg for your help, as I would starve otherwise''.
The deiauolil are originally native to the lush forests of Kuraibi, a region far to the west of Ikaharin Proper. However, ever since they were first 'domesticated' thousands of years ago, they have been spread far and wide.   Although in most places their introduction has had no significant negative effects on the environment, that cannot be said of all the lands.

As a working animal

The Ikaharinese use these beavers for their ability to build dams and clear surrounding woodlands.
10 - 12 years
Average Height
0,5 - 0,7 meters
Average Weight
35 - 50 kg
Average Length
1,4 - 1,8 meters

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