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Civilization and Culture


Created during the time of the war between Gods and Gigantes in the middle of the Bronze Age, elves were a result of Gaia's attempt at mocking the Gods who had taken down her children from their Throne.   Being born from the earth and nature itself, Elves had received the same type of variety on the moment of creation as many species of animals. some Elves were fit more towards the Forests, others had a link to sunlit and moonlit places and finally some were more comfortable Underground.   Elves were made to be better than humans. More skilled, with unmatched beauty, incredible longevity, natural talent for weapons and innate access to magic. They were made to replace humans as the only mortals if the Gigantes were victorious. But despite all of this, elves didn't inherit the hatred Gaia had for the Gods or their creations. They instead focused on their own existence, making a place for themselves in the world. Refined fellows that they are, they enjoy sophistication in everything, be it architecture, culture, craftsmanship and even demeanor. As such they come across as a tad snobbish.   There have been a few Demigods from elven bloodlines, due to the circumstances of their birth, but their beauty makes it so many of the gods can't resist attempting to seduce a member of the race occasionally.

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