Welcome to Ifiron

Hello and welcome to my world of Ifiron. In case you don't know my name is Jacob Waterman. I started making Ifirion back in 2015 for use in my Dungeons and Dragons games at home, slowly accumulating more lore and information about it. From there I have also begun work on stories outside of D&D, hopefully some that you will see in the future.   You may have questions while reading some entries in this world. Yes I have been purposefully vague on some subjects, either because I have yet to fill it out, do not want it filled out, or it is a purposeful secret that is waiting to be discovered. Since I use these articles to allow my players to explore my world before playing, I try to keep some things a mystery. Mystery in a world is what makes it seem real to me, it is what we don't know that drives us. Therefore I have worked many unknowns into the world, and some of the information I present may not be 100% accurate.   I will however be updating constantly. I do not expect that I will ever stop updating this site, at least as long as it is running. With every game I run, and every story I create, I will be adding the information that is discovered to existing pages or creating new pages. Discovering more about this world is a journey, and I want you to be a part of it.   ~ Jacob Waterman


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