"What happened here?" Tomkin asked himself.   He found himself in his small farming village, however it wasn't the same. Everything was bleak, the color drained from every tree, bush, and building. Even the sky was a mute grey. He had only been cleaning the attic when he found everything like this. Worse of all he couldn't find his aunt or uncle anywhere.   Maybe they had gone to old farmer Joseph's land. He raised good hunting dogs and uncle would borrow them on occasion to go hunting. So Tomkin headed in that direction.   Walking through the village, Tomkin noticed a few individuals in their homes. Their homes were dark so he couldn't fully see them but he still recognized their homes. One belonged to an elderly woman who was a wizard when it came to crafting cheeses. Tomkin thought he would go and see if she had seen his aunt and uncle.   "Hey Mrs Ava!" Tomkin shouted as he approached her home. Tomkin could see the form of Mrs Ava in her window, but she was turned away. His shouting however seemed to have captured her attention because she turned to face Tomkin.   It was not however Mrs Ava. The face of the elderly woman was grey and leathery, not a spot of color could be seen. She resembled Mrs Ava but all of her features were wrong. Her eyes were sunken in and black as pitch. Her movements were twitchy, as if each movement was a struggle to get started and stopped. The strangest bit to Tomkin was the lack of smell. Usually Mrs Ava smelled of various cheeses and baking bread. However he couldn't smell a thing. The entire village he had realized did not smell of its usual manure.   Her beady black eyes fixated on Tomkin, and she let out a moan, reaching out a twitchy hand in his direction. Tomkin was horrified at the sight and turned to run. He couldn't hold in his scream as he sprinted away. Something happened to his village. He wasn't home anymore. All he wanted was to find his Aunt and Uncle.   After several minutes of sprinting, Tomkin slowed. He was close to the Joseph farm. Hopefully he could find his aunt and uncle so they could leave town. As he approached the edge of the farm, he started to hear the howling of dogs. At first he felt slightly relieved, it was a familiar sound. But as he began to walk down the path to the farm, he saw the eyes of several beasts staring at him. They looked like hounds but their fur was all black. There were five pairs of eye that he could see reflected what little light was here back. All hounds stood absolutely still, and so did Tomkin.   He looked without moving his head at the rest of the land. He could see the Joseph house not too far. Maybe if he ran he would be fast enough to make it there. There was no good time to start, so he mentally prepared himself before taking off into a sprint. The moment his feet moved, the hounds were after him. He could hear their claws digging into the dirt after him. They felt like they were right on his tail before he crashed through the door and slammed it behind him.   Looking through the small window in the door he could see the hounds all stood perfectly still about thirty paces from the house. They were all watching him. Tomkin turned around and slid down the door to sit. He wasn't going to get out of this house without having to encounter the black dogs. The house was far creepier than the last time he had seen it. Tomkin swore that the shadows were moving. It didn't matter, he was going to have to wait out the dogs.   It was several days that Tomkin waited. He would look outside to see if the dogs were there, only to find them staring back at him the same distance as before. They never left, and he was running out of the rotting, crumbling food that was in the house. Tomkin was feeling dread like he never had before. He thought he was going to die here. The bleak surroundings did not help. They began to dull his senses, hearing less noise and everything started to blur together. Tomkin could not even tell the time as it was always overcast. The sun never rose, and it never set. He was beginning to feel nothing.   The shadows lurked at every corner. Tomkin was starting to hear voices from them, familiar voices. He couldn't tell who they were are where they came from, but he was beginning to not care. How long had he spent in this place? Was anyone coming to save him? No. No one was coming. He was going to die in this home. At least, he thought, my suffering will end.   The shadows around him began to grow, but Tomkin didn't notice. He had given up. The shadows closed in around him, the whispering grew louder. And yet Tomkin just sat there. Slowly they began to envelope him, shadows creeping into every pore and orafice. Tomkin just accepted his fate. Finally he had been consumed by the shadow, and a figure pulled itself out of it. Its skin was black and appeared flat like a silhouette.   It turned to look out the window at the hounds, all they could see was the flat white orbs of the silhouette's eye. They took a few steps away before taking off into a sprint and leaving the shadow of Tomkin alone in the hound breeders shadowy home.

Basic Information


A Umbranima appears as a walking shadow with glowing white eyes. The shape it takes is that of the individual who it was born from.

Genetics and Reproduction

An Umbranima does not reproduce, it is a byproduct of the Shadowveil corrupting non-natives. Those who give up hope become consumed and turn into an Umbranima.

Ecology and Habitats

Umbranima prefer dark secluded places. Being exposed to sunlight appears to do harm to them, and they are able to seek out shadowy places. Their ideal living environment is the Shadowveil.

Dietary Needs and Habits

It does not appear to need food.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Umbranima primarily live in the Shadowveil and rarely appear outside of it.

Average Intelligence

It is unknown the intelligence of an Umbranima, however their habits of stalking seem to suggest some kind of intelligence even if primal.



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