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Shambling Mound

The elder had sent Tisha and Slyvar to the far south of the Alluring Forest. One of the circle's had not responded to his summons. Tisha and Slyvar stepped through the tree, transported across the forest to the location of the circle's meeting grounds. Not a soul was in sight of the hidden grove.   "I don't like how silent it is."   "You always say that Slyvar."   "Yeah, but this time I mean it."   Tisha bent over and transformed into a large wolf. She sniffed at the ground, using the wolf's superior scent to try and figure out what was happening. She smelt blood. She growled and pointed her nose in the direction that the smell was coming from.   Slyvar held his staff tight. The two crept to the entrance of the grove. The forest was silent, an ominous feeling lingered over the two druids. As they emerged, they found corpses littering the forest floor. Vines covered the bodies, squeezing them tightly. Now that Slyvar could smell the blood, he ejected the contents of his stomach on the ground. Tisha crouched low, preparing for an attack.   At the sounds of Slyvar vomiting, the vines began to coalesce. The bodies of their fallen kin were dragged into the forming body. It stood on two limbs of vines, roots, and bodies. Tisha felt a chill run down her spin. This creature shouldn't be here. It had been over a decade since anything wandered from the Pryhehr Wilds. She transformed back into her elven form.   "Slyvar, run home. Tell the Elder."   "What about you?"   "I'm going to buy you time."   Slyvar hesitated a moment, but the squirming corpses in the Shambling Mound pushed him past the hesitation and he sprinted for the grove. Tisha uttered a chant while dodging a pseudopod swipe. She pointed her upturned hand to the mound and pulled it toward her into a fist. A wave of energy washed over the mound, vines withered as the moisture was instantly dried.   Pulling out a scroll, Slyvar opened the scroll and cast the spell within. The scroll dissolved. He jumped through the tree the two came in and dissappeared from the scene. Tisha was dismayed that the mound wasn't destroyed from her spell. She didn't have another spell that would be effective against the creature. With Slyvar through the tree, she transformed into an eagle and tried to fly away.   A vine lashed out and wrapped around her avian body. They constricted, crushing her bones and dragging her back to the ground. She landed on the ground returned to her original form and still grappled by the vines. They continued to squeeze, and Tisha felt a few of her ribs crack. In a last ditch effort she uttered another chant. From her body a wave of thunderous force pushed outward into the vines.   They proved too powerful and continued to latch on. Tisha felt fear, now completely helpless as the shambling mound continued to squeeze tighter. The air in her lungs became harder to keep. The last thing she saw before passing out was the face of a dead druid staring back at her as she was pulled into the body of the Shambling Mound.

Basic Information


A Shambling Mound is a collection of roots, vines, and other plants. They usually form something resembling something bipedal.

Biological Traits

Shambling Mounds are incredibly resistant to fire as they are filled with water.

Ecology and Habitats

Shambling Mounds form in swamps and forests, usually in places that have a history of death. Some Shambling Mounds have been discovered in locations where a Green Dragon corpse has been found.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Shambling Mounds can subsist off of sunlight, however, they prefer other organic matter.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Vines that have been possessed by a Shambling Mound can be used in the ritual to create a gem of plant control.

Geographic Origin and Distribution


Shambling Mounds have been found in all forests in Itherion with the exception of the Alluring Forest. On occasion a Shambling Mound from the Pryhehr Wilds has made their way into the Alluring Forest.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

It is uncertain how a Shambling Mound sees, but its been confirmed that they can see in the dark.


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