Owl of Grim

That night was still and quiet. It seemed that the surrounding wilderness was waiting for something that night. The ranger of the group noticed the stillness of the wilderness.   "Keep your eyes peeled. Who knows what lurks nearby." she said to the other two in her party.   Near the back of the group was the wizard, they were not used to the silence. They had always surrounded themselves with the bustling cities and sages of the great libraries. His unease was palpable.   "You'll be fine!" the barbarian said more loudly than the wizard was comfortable with, throwing an arm over the man. "As long you keep with us nothing can stop us!"   This eased the wizards slightly, his first big adventure had gone fairly easy. What spooked him was the sudden movement in the woods with the snapping of branches. The string of a bow could already be heard drawn. The wizard nearly jumped out of this boots. Just as soon as it had been pulled out, the ranger put his bow back.   "It was just a deer. Our presence spooked her."   The ranger and barbarian turned to road to continue, but the wizard stood still. His companions had not noticed his lack of movement. Unbenowest to them, his lack of movement was out of his control. He tried to scream to his companions for help but his body would not muster the words.   As he stared in the same direction as he had frozen the form of a massive owl moved completely silent through the sky right at him. Panic took over him more as he noticed that where a beak should be there was instead a mouth and a nose. The massive eight foot tall owl moved with no noise all the way to him, where it gripped him with its massive talons and took back off into the night sky as silently as it had come.   Flying off the wizard heard in his mind a voice that spoke to him. Horrified he knew it came from the owl.   "I will enjoy the secrets you hold, and my children will enjoy your screams."


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