The Hebephage, also known as the "Youth Eater", is born from an invidiuals desire for youth or youth-like appearances. When one becomes obsessed with the idea of youthfulness, a Hebephage is form in the Plane of Shadows. The creature is only able to obtain the form of this individual until the creature has found and devours its creator. From there it can assume the form of anyone else it has devoured.   Hebephages travel alone and often in disguise only revealing their true form when feeding as they are unable to in a transformed state. Often they will attempt to feed off of a child that belongs to a family. It then assumes the form of the child and integrates itself into the family until it can feed off of other members of the family without suspicion. Individuals who have been killed in the feeding process turn to dust and very rarely just a shriveled corpse. The more years a Hebephage consumes, the longer its own lifespan is. In theory if a Hebephage continues to feed, it could live forever.   While a Hebephage has large claws, they are rarely used for combat. Instead they are used for climbing sheer surfaces and tearing holes in structures in order to bypass obstructions. The Hebephage will use its claws only when backed into a corner and unable to perform feeding.   Around the time that a Hebephage has consumed roughly 1,000 years of life they begin to change. Their natural body grows larger and the feeding process can also be done in a disguised form. They are also able to shapeshift rapidly, even taking on the form of a creature they have not killed. While it has not been seen, it is theorized that a Hebephage could undergo another transformation around the 10,000 year mark.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

The species is incapable of reproducing on its own. It is only spawned in the desires of creatures youthfulness.

Ecology and Habitats

They are formed in the plane of shadows. Their prefered habitat is in the Material Plane in populated areas with lots of creatures that it can feed off of.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Hebephage feeds on the life of a creature, draining years of its life from the victim.



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