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LS 767

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The conflict is between freedom and slavery. The slavery we often impose on ourselves through convictions and dreams that merely bide our time to the next addiction. What is freedom and who possesses it? Who is the most free? Will you sacrifice freedom for the freedom of others. Communal freedom, communal suppression. Self slavery and selfish freedom. How will you go about dealing with the problems of the times. The most free person is the most selfish one. The most free person is the greatest threat to communal freedom. She is the suffocator, lord queen of the world. At the top of a chain of world nobles, she pillages communal freedom for her own whims. She possesses the horrid powers of the creator. Never satisfied with her creations, she constantly creates and destroys. The world and its landscapes are works of art. But some creators can never be satisfied with their creations. Constantly changing and manipulating their landscapes until they are satisfied enough to either let them exist or to give up and finally destroy them. The flower continent, Idyllia is one such work of art. And its conflicts are just miniature versions of the world conflict. The people of the loop are slave to the people of the Grand City, to have their lives taken, destroyed, reformed, and manipulated on a whim. You are a person of the loop.

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