Vuxian funeral rites

The funeral rites of The Vuxian people are similar to the people of Saxia and Somri.  


When someone dies in Vuxi the body will stay in their homes for a couple of days. To say farewell and to be able to see what is going on.   The deceased person will be sitting or laying where they died. If they died outside of their home they will be placed in their favorite place in their home. Friends and relatives from other villages will be contacted during this time and they will drop what they were doing to come and visit the dead friend or family member in their home.   Parts of different kinds of foods from all friends and families members will be collected in the deceased's food bowl. The bowl will be placed next to the deceased while the family prepares the wood on a burial mound. Before the burial, the body will be cleaned and placed on a wooden stretcher that a woodcarver has made. The bowl of food will be placed on the stomach of the deceased.  


The stretcher with the deceased will be carried across the village and placed upon the burial mound. All friends and family members will gather around the mound and while singing a funeral song they will set fire to the stretcher and the body of the deceased. The body will burn up together with their food bowl and the food therein. An offering to the messenger that will carry the now released spirit of the deceased to the afterlife.  
We're here, we're here,
Come take our friend to where they now belong
We're here, we're here,
We'll always remember until we'll see you again
We're here, we're here,
Take our friend, set them free and show them the way
We're here, we're here,
We'll remember, thank you,
thank you.


After the body has been burned the friends and family members that visited the dead person and left food offerings will receive bone pieces to make into necklaces that they can always carry. So that they have something to always remember the person by. The rest of the bones will be grinded into dust and spread to the wind someplace that the deceased should have picked out before they died.  


In modern times the burial mounds have been exchanged for crematories but nothing much else has changed. The dust is still spread but the family and friends are now opting for having their bag of dust turned into diamonds or less fancy necklaces.


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