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The Northern Monastery

This monastery located on the Northern side of the island is a traditional, high and tight school for the martial arts.



Master: The Masters are the wisest and oldest Kensei. They act as a council and major decisions require near unanimous agreement. Don't let their age fool you though, they are also the most proficient in their art.


The instructors are responsible for both rigorous weapon training as well as calligraphy, and painting. To an outsider, the discipline enforced in the finer arts of this tradition appears overly harsh and pointless, but to the Kensei it is just as important as the combat training, if not more so; especially to the instructors.


Only a dozen students are accepted into the monastery a year. The only exception to this rule is if many monks died in the previous year. Students are trained both the fine arts, and the art of combat. Those who cannot handle the intense training are cast away from the monastery, only welcomed back after two years time.

Public Agenda

Teach people discipline and the way of the Kensei through art.


This monasteries history goes back further then the know history of the island. The stone building shows some ruin, but not as much as you would expect for a building over a thousand years old.

Slow down, think, react.

Religious, Monastic Order
Alternative Names
The Kenei

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