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The Monastery Skirmishes

In order to maintain their connection to their KI, the two Monasteries are bound by the traditions of their fore-masters rivalry and are engaged in a constant state of warfare. The Northern Monastery, The Kensei, are taught the art of combat through both the sword and the brush. The Southern Monastery, The Way of the Open Fist, have trained their body's to peak perfection; both physically and mentally through training and dedication. Each monk must make take an annual journey, alone or with a small group, around the paths of Idwala. The Northern Monastery takes their journey in a clockwise fashion. The Southern Monastery makes their journey in a counter-clockwise fashion, guaranteeing that there will almost always be conflict somewhere, creating several skirmishes along the island. However, it is a rare occasion that these skirmishes result in a death.

The Conflict


The Northern Monastery views tradition as absolute. Perfecting the art of combat, and the art of the brush. The Southern Monastery was born from a former student of the Northern Monastery that early in the Monasteries history saw life was not about art, but about perfecting oneself both physically and spiritually. This conflict divided the monastery. Those who believed in the perfecting of life through its art, remained in the Northern Monastery and became know as the Kensei; those who believed that the meaning in life was not the art of it, but rather perfecting oneself left, and formed the Southern Monastery; creating the Way of the Open Hand.


Over most of the island.



The Engagement

Skirmishes and duels that tend to fizzle out quickly.

Start Date
Since before the Cataclysm

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