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Anora Inn

Anora Inn, was a bright halfling. Her mind was as sharp as her wit, and her skill with a dagger. When the Outlander conflict arose, Anora was the one who realized that simply talking through a problem and not lashing out in fear was the best bet to end the conflict. She Single handily ended the conflict, and had a new friend to boot, Aden Polo. Some would say that Aden was more than a friend, perhaps a lover, but everyone dismissed that thought as soon as it came up, look at the height difference. But, to there surprise if they had simply asked either one, they would be right. Anora was one of the many that died of a sickness caused by a plague that spread throughout the land, 12 years after the conflict ended. Unfortunately, the record of how the plague spread. The sickness is only recorded by the Hill Dwarfs, the house of Berg, and a handful of journals in southern Idwala.

605 - 657
Circumstances of Death
A plague that has all but escaped history
Bright brown
Short, matte black

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