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Protected by a complex network of magical wards that shuttle Undead hordes of Chuul away from picturesque beaches, the city of Dawnblossom is a testament to the perseverance of nature and a paradise for rich vacationing nobility. Soft and delicate homes and businesses are crafted from the very trees, creating a tangled weave of alleyways and thin roads, the only defining marks being a massive 700-foot tall redwood and the still living stump of what was once a world tree. The city is serviced by an extensive stone port, created by magically raising the very bedrock from the jagged shoal it sits some 200 feet below the cliffside edge of town. The only way up to the town above is a hodgepodge of crisscrossing wooden stairs and a single brass clockwork elevator, that clanks and bellows steam as its open-air car ascends the mountainside. Large coastal eagles make their nests to the eastern part of the province, in an area known as the Wilding District, the place where the magic of the wards begins to fade and dangerous beasts wreak occasional havoc on the poorer population who calls the district home.


Elves and other Fey-Folk dominate the wealthier population with the majority of vacationing visitors being human, dwarvish, or other humanoid races. Indebted Eladrin, Satyrs, Goblins, and wild nature spirits inhabit the poorer areas as well as making up the "Working Class".


The city is lead by a Divine Right style monarchy with the Treant Wildsprout acting as "Speaker of the Change-Bringer"


Dawnblossom is defended by the Abundance Watch, a group of some 300 druids who consist of the city's guard. The disciples of the Raven Queen maintain the defensive wards around the eastern border and river. Numerous treants rest within the borders, to be called by the Speaker if needed. Triton priests of Melora maintain the cleanliness of the port as well as control of aquatic threats.


The bulk of Dawnblossom's trade is in rare teas, incense, enchanted jewelry, and wealthy tourism. The resort destination of Lordly Libations provides entertainment for high-class bards and is a center for international merchant dealings


A large port looked over by a magical lighthouse with adjoining shipyard and drydock within Keeper's Cove. Underground springs are summoned forth by the druidic forces creating "Earth Wells" offering clean water to citizens as well as a complex stonecrafted sewer system. There are permanent portals to the Elemental Planes is kept in Wildsprout's care.

Guilds and Factions

The disciples of the Raven Queen as well a number of other death gods worshipers take up residence in the Shadow Barracks. Abundance Watch druids have their base at the living repository as well as the sunken temple to Melora in which the fishlike Tritons call home. The Blooming Merchant's Guild manages the ports as well as import and export taxes, they make up the backbone of Dawnblossom's economy. The elusive Escanor del Monte runs the largest hotel of Lordly Libations as well as a network of spies and informants.


Sprouting up before the Elemental Convergence, Dawnblossom is the original home of the World Tree Idranissil. For nearly five hundred years the elves native to the southern continent of Chuul worshiped and cultivated the budding world tree. Society and trade sprouted up despite Chuul being a charred wasteland before the Convergence eventually, gifted farmers found a way to cultivate on the fertile volcanic soil. Slowly the nation of Dawnblossom spread to cover nearly two thousand miles until, in their hubris, the Archrdruids attempted to harness the power of Idranissil and become elemental aspects. However, this untamed magic had unforeseen consequences, shearing the world tree at its base the resounding imbalance would lead the seventy-seven years of turmoil known as the Elemental Convergence.   Despite the devastation, the nation of Dawnblossom continued to prosper and grow until cultists of Orcus opened a portal to the abyss in Leafhadow. In response, the Gods sent the hurricane known as Quintessa began to rage for four hundred years over the newly separated island of Chuul. Floods and terrible winds devastated the island leaving most of it in ruins and overgrown with jungle, the only place spared being the capitol itself. By the grace of Wildsprout and her connection to the wandering Gods the city was protected and began to flourish anew once again, the massive endless hurricane still visible day and night.

Alternative Name(s)
The City of Eternal Spring
Inhabitant Demonym
Elvish: Heshi' Loth (Dawnflower)
Location under
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