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A pancake created by inserting a type of fish into the batter before baking. This dish originally came from the Hizpeshin (translates to (the) people's land) area of the western Empire. The name comes from the fusing of two words in the Hizp'en language, Kash (Fish), and Pash (Pancake). Following the rules of the language to remove redundant sounds, this reduces to Ka'pash. Common flavors include red fish (Saz'a-ka'pash), or flatfish (zensh'a-ka'pash) both of which are generally found off the coast of the western Empire.   The first step in general is to cook the fish. There are several exceptions as some places prefer the fish to be mostly raw, however, the vast majority (nowadays for food safety reasons as well) use cooked fish. Follow general grilling procedures for the fish in question. Then, make the batter using flour, eggs, milk, baking activator, and sugar. Once finished mixing the batter together, tear up the fish into small chunks and add it to the batter. Pour a 4cm diameter space of batter onto the pan/griddle. Once the edges dry, flip the cake until a nice golden brown is achieved on both sides. Best eaten hot.   Traditionally, this pancake was a conglomeration of the people of the land. The baker, the fishermen, and the farmer. After getting the ingredients from the people in his community, the baker would bake enough for all of their families to join together at a communal table, generally at one of their houses. This, as a reflection of farming and fishing being the highest professions socially, was a reflection of this. This tradition was generally partaken annually, on the first day of the 'week of harvest', the week long festival common in Hizpeshin lands. Nowadays, they are a staple snack or lunchtime meal in the west empire, available in street corner restaurants year round for affordable prices along with sandwiches and other similar foods from the eastern parts of the empire.


Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
End product: Around 6-8cm in diameter

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20 Oct, 2018 12:21

Great info about the language behind the name!

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