Star and Sun fangs, Jallr'hali's daggers

Of all the weapon wielded by the legendary emperor Jallr'hali'hali, a duo is stands out. The dual daggers that were its signature came to be as legendary as him, being the instrument of his numerous feats. The myth tells that the two blades ended a thousand Shantiah lives during his final showdown.


Childhood blades


The first version of the daggers were given by one of his parent when he was still a kid. As many blades of this time, the daggers were not made out of steel but of bones. Dirk-Krakk's teeth even, one of the sharpest material available at the time, a real luxury. Coated in the desert's dust as per tradition, it was with these that he felled his first opponent, the corrupt Pariah of Starfall Oasis.


Forged from star and dust


After his victory, he became Pariah and got access to the treasure of the oasis : a shard of the star that once fell where the town was built. He asked the smith that he, along 23 of his most faithful warriors, gets daggers forged out of this mysterious material. The Shantiah he tasked with this duty was no mere blacksmith. They were said to possess a skill that came directly from the stars above. The blades were forged following an unique design, recalling the shape of the night sky. Dark and curved, they were slightly longer than regular daggers, and sharpened to draw blood with even the lightest touch.


Symbols of Jallr'hali, the blades are associated with the power and the might of the emperor. Though they are indentical, one symbolizes the delicacy and sweetness of a star while the other is the pure strength and scorching heat of a sun. In their honor, daggers are now a weapon reserved for the best warriors, as no weakling should be allowed to touch them.


When Jallr'hali fell, his companion retrieved the daggers and sealed them away in the depth of Starfall Oasis, near the throne of the emperor. Their own 23 daggers were all keys to retrieve the fangs, so that no robber would ever seek to steal the precious artifacts. There they lay, waiting for a day when Jallr'hali would return to the Shan desert and lead his people once more, brandishing the tools of his glory.


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