Loanna "Downpour" Rixen

Many Alcyers reflect a part of their power in their behaviour. For instance, the expert of lightning Zvoldan Crivetz is as flashy as his speciality implies. Joanna Rixen is at the other end of the spectrum close to Zvoldan master, the taciturn Alcer Kirodan, although in a different way. Never out of her wanderlust, this joyful lady is often described as an embodiment of chaos.


Confused beginnings


In a classic cursus, Joanna would have been a genius, majoring every course. Her thirst for knowledge is inexhaustable as is her willingness to study. Physical tests however, are a world of pain to her. Not that she is not good at it, Alcyers are naturally in a better shape than any human athlete and they get in optimal condition with few efforts. A genetic perk she always abused to get just above the passing grades in physical tests and relied on her outstanding knowledge.


To the disappointmenet of her professors, she never showed any interest in the report part of exploration. In a selfishly manner, all that matters to her is how she can gain knowledge, with few regards to others. During training, her notes were blurry and cryptics, she made no maps as she was able to chart her path in her mind. That almost got her expelled, until she found it in herself and with the help of her friend Karina Lashley to conform with the norms just enough to get her final exam.


Since then, she only lived as she wanted to, driving mad the unfortunate souls that had to work with her. This is both a chore and an amazing opportunity, as the happy and smart woman is full of knowledge she would be more than willing to share, but at the same time does everything as she wants. She is nonetheless a great explorer, able to harvest reliable information faster than any of her colleagues since she is less into vague hypotheses and more into straight facts. Outgoing and ever-smiling, she has however some serious social quirks, and is especially bad at reading any mood.


Expert of floods


Her power, which gave her nickname, is one of mass destruction. She does not control water expanses, but planetary fields. It does encompass the electromagnetic field, but her favourite usage is the manipulation of the gravity field. By focusing the force into a specific point, she can provoke floods and tsunamis at will, even from modest stretches like lakes.

Expert of floods
Main power
Planetary fields manipulation


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