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The Order of Rosenschwert

A hunter guild thrives on the study of and neutralise all abnormalities created by the Ichor. The Guild will hunt down whoever abuses the power of the Ichor, Ichorborn and humans alike. The organisation is recognised by human governments, and will seek their advice and assistants regarding supernatural and Ichor-related affairs.


The Order is being led by four Grand Magisters/Magistrixes, each represent one of the four founders of the Guild. Underneath them are the Magisters and Magistrixes, then the Masters and Mistresses, then the Hunters and Huntresses, then the lowest Apprentices.


The predecessor of the Guild of Rosenschwert was the Zillahdaca Squad. An organisation founded and answer to the Yelaadim's Temple of Light. The Zillahdaca Squad consisted fundamentally of the Witches' sons the Temple took in after killing their mothers. As the name Zillahdaca, shadow dagger, suggested, the Squad's main purpose was to do the dirty works for the Temple, namely assassination and spying. They sometimes partook in the Temple's witch hunt, but it was deemed as an honour, thus they were not worthy to be part of the 'noble' event.   Basically, the Zillahdaca Squad was where the Temple dumped their unwanted personnel, Witches' sons, lesser and weak Yeled and Yaldah, and those who were deemed punishable. Sooner or later, the members of the Squad would be killed in their missions.   Eventually, the Squad, being led by four, Agmar Witchson, Lizabet of the Rose, Leonhart Witchson and Ravinel, rebelled against the Temple and succeed. The four and their followers then founded the Order of Rosenschwert.

Lux in Tenebris Lucet

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