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The people of the west. Isolationists, masters of defense, green-skinned, with unique tusked teeth.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

Puberty: 8-17 Prime: 17-30 Brain development finishes: 30 Middle aged: 25-60 Older: 40-100 Very old: 60-150

Ecology and Habitats

Orcs are native to Azrregash, "Land of Suffering" in their native tongue. It is mountainous, full of alpine meadows, tundras and deep coniferous forests. They often build castles into the sides of mountains and anywhere secluded, anywhere optimized to defend.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Military and social officer who organizes food and housing, etc.

Facial characteristics

Bottom canine tusks Scrunched nose

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The west continent, Bittacost and kingdom 8

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Ab-, An-, Ang-, Az-, Azuk-, Ba-, Bag-, Bagd-, Bu-, Bul-, Du-, Dul-, Far-, Gram-, Gu, Guj-, Gut-, Kha-, Khal-, Khu-, Khurz, Ki-, Kial-, Kir-, Kru-, Kor-, Ku-, Kul-, Ma-, Na-, Nor-, O-, Ol-, Olp-, Pret-, She-, Shel-, Thol-, Throl-, Ur-, Urud-, Xu-, V-, Va-, Var-, Vr-, Za-
-al-, -bb-, -em-, -gre-, -j-, -jj-, -r-, -rr-, -rre-, -ror-, -ron-, -rud-, -l-, -m-, -old-, -pag-, -sh-, -t-, -zuk-
-ash, -ba, -bas, -bul, -da, -dua, -dud, -dra, -el, -emon, -gha, -ga, -gakh, -gash, -ghe, -ha, -he, -ja, -jab, -ka, -kh, -ra, -reda, -l, -la, -log, -lug, -rn, -resi, -rth, -mon, -th, -shulk, -si, -ua, -ul, -ulk, -za, -zha
Gujjab, Kulgha, Xuga, Gutjja, Bagdud, Shel, Dulug, Bula, Kirth, Korba, Khalog, Urudba, Grambul, Azukgash, Olpagakh, Vrorn, Abbas, Khurzha, Pretka, Farghe, North, Kiza, Varga, Krugha, Tholdra, Kialrondua, Angreda, Zarresi, Norma, Naemon, Mashulk, Azukdua, Norgha, Olmgakh, Dugash

Beauty Ideals

Hot hot muscles and boldness Slick hair and shiny metal Thighs are often shown off Big shoulders (shoulder pads)

Common Etiquette Rules

Don't be too friendly... that leaves you vulnerable.


Very scared of a specific threat from their homeland and this made them very cautious when they came to Ganima.

Average Height
Height: 5'5"-7'2"
Average Physique
Muscular can be of a small frame and up to a very beefy boi
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Green skin (not very saturated)

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